Paradise Remains

Paradise Remains
Taken a few minutes after Age of the Fifth Sun.

HDR created with 5 photographs.
Location: Calhau – Madeira Island – Portugal
Shutter speed: 0.5, 1, 2, 4 and 8 seconds.
F: /22
Focal Length: 21mm
ISO: 100
filter: Hoya 72mm pro1 CP
Title Inspired by: God Is An Astronaut

28 thoughts on “Paradise Remains

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    • Oh my God you’re the first person I met that knows them!! Awesome!! 😀 It really is an amazing combo, I love to listen to their music and take photographs at the same time, it’s perfect! 😀


        • Yeah you’re right! this is great! I know Mono and This Will Destroy You as well! 😀 I also listen to Nest, Moonbow is one of the greatest dark/ambient tracks I’ve ever heard. you might enjoy it 🙂 The Zero Years is also a great post-rock band 🙂 Post-rock and Photography, it’s a pleasure meeting you Catt haha! 😀


          • I like them! d(^^,)b Moonbow reminds of old school rpgs, love the dark ambiance. Really dig The Zero Years, I’ve listened to a lot of experimental rock/instrumental progressive rock before and this is such a nice throwback, thanks! Other ones I like for post rock right now— The Best Pessimist (tracks: Walking w/ Happiness, Autumn Leaves, I Just Want to be Your Everything, Guardian Angel). I Am Waiting for You Last Summer (Solar Wind, Medley Season, Gu, Through the Walls). I also currently listen to a lot of contemporary classical, melodic trance, and ambient/relaxation/yoga/meditation music lol!


          • Yay!! 😀 Hehe it does! 😀 it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings mixed with a little bit of Dungeon Siege, I love listening to it at night when I go ride my bike through the woods 😀
            Hmm I’m going to check those bands out, i’ll let you know what I think! 😉
            Haha so, do you meditate? 😀


          • ( I thought i was following you, how weird!)

            Ah that’s cool! 😀 I don’t meditate but i like to exercise and ride my bike every day! especially at night, it’s so peaceful 🙂


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