Saturday = 7am ( Gallery )


    Sometimes it’s worth getting up early, who would have thought!
    I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

    Location: Porto Moniz – Madeira Island – Portugal
    Shutter speed: more than 30 minutes.
    F: /4.5-11
    Focal Length: 15-27mm
    ISO: 100
    filter: Hoya 72mm pro1 CP


  • 10 thoughts on “Saturday = 7am ( Gallery )

    1. Getting up early certainly pays of! If you don’t get the shot you wanted, you at least had a nice early calm morning 🙂 In contrast to some of your dark, dramatic black and white pictures (which are great!), these colored pictures are very vivid and happy!


      • It certainly does and i have to do it more often! 😀
        Well it depends on how i was feeling when i took the shot, if i was happy, the photo will have an happier vibe! 🙂 And yes i was happy when i took these hehe 😀 Other times it just depends on what i want to transmit with the photo, if it has a gloomy feel to it or not, you know. 🙂


        • Wow, such a coincidence, I am about to post a blog around the end of October about your feelings and photography (I compare it to Improv) and I totally agree!


          • That’s very interesting! 😀 I think a photograph should make the viewer feel or think something, but that also depends on the sensibility of the viewer, if the viewer is only interested if the photo is “pretty” or not, then he’s not going to care about what the photographer was trying to transmit. It also depends on whether the photographer did a good job or not and if the photograph is effective or not. Yeah it’s very interesting 😀 Sorry i got carried away lol


            • Getting carried away is good, it’s good to be passionate 😉 I agree, I think photography can be an art and used to make people feel or think (and on a different topic: should art really make people think in order to be called art?). But photography can also be pleasant or just a plain product (like stock photography). There are some great topics to discus on this subject, but hey.. Work is calling early tomorrow 😉 Keep up the great work! Cheers, Tieme


            • You’re right, there are many topics and it would be fun to explore them 🙂 You asked if ” should art really make people think in order to be called art?” – I’d say that the idea/ definition of art is always changing, so to me it should at least create some sort of stimuli in our brains, it should make the viewer feel something. But even that is subjective, i may find a photo or a drawing intriguing but some other person could find it common. But in any case i think it’s better to think about what we want to create before we create it, and not afterwards like some people do. They come up with something and find meaning after they’re finished, just for the sake of it lol and that’s a mistake. But if you think about it, most of the art makes us think and we don’t even realize it 🙂


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