Toxic Experience

  • Toxic Droplet Experience
    This is just an experiment, I had no idea how to take a photo like this but I really like the result!
    It’s a bit harder than I thought, especially if you don’t have one or two of those fancy external flashes and those reflectors and all that stuff! :-O This was taken using a really old Vivitar flash that was mounted on my camera, that’s why there’s that giant white reflection in the huh toxic! πŸ˜€
    This is a “bit” different from the photographs I usually post, but don’t worry, more landscapes are on the way! I already took more photos of the dark tunnel and quite a few landscapes that will be uploaded as soon as I can think of titles for the posts lol πŸ˜€

    So tell me, what do you think? Do you like it or this type of photography isn’t your cup of green tea?

    Location: Home – Madeira island – Portugal
    Shutter speed: 1/200 seconds.
    F: /36
    Focal Length: 85mm
    ISO: 100
    filter: Hoya 72mm pro1 CP
    PS: it’s not really toxic.
    PPS: It’s water…
    PPPS: With green watercolor.
    PPPPS: Tell no one!

  • 26 thoughts on “Toxic Experience

      • Thank you very much Amy! πŸ˜€ haha Well we have to put a stop to that, let’s go out and buy a bunch of flashes and tripods and maybe a white curtain for the background and we’re all set! πŸ˜€


        • I have been saying I need an external flash. Then I get all set to do the research, which one to buy, and my eyes bug out of my head. There is just SO much to choose from. How do you ever make up your mind as to which one? *sigh* This is how it is with just about everything. It drives me bonkers. There is just TOO much of everything! Overload! I have a good tripod, YAY!, no white curtain, but I do have some around I think I can use ….. my motto use what you have. I’m stumped on that flash though. I know I don’t have that! πŸ™‚ xx Amy


          • That’s true, there are lots of flashes to choose from! πŸ˜€ So i’ll just leave a few here that I’ve had my eye on:

            This one is probably the best flash avaiable, but the price isn’t too captivating lol

            This one is much cheaper and has very nice reviews:

            Or maybe a Ring Flash! They’re good for macros and portraits ( I think, i’ve never used one lol):

            There’s also this one but it’s probably not as good as the Neewer TT520 and it’s Canon so it’s expensive anyway:

            So there you go, these are the flashes I’ve been considering πŸ˜€ But it will take me a few months to actually buy one!


            • Diago, I am SO touched you went to all this trouble to answer me and to show me what you are considering. I am putting this page on my desktop as a reference so I don’t loose this vital info. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!!! Like you it will probably take me some time to decipher which one to buy. And yes, anything from Canon is expensive. I found that out after the fact. I bought a couple of polarizing filters from Canon and paid through the teeth. Then I found B&W and was appalled how much cheaper other filters were. I’m learning, I’m learning. So I am not going to loose this information, NO WAY!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! ((HUGS))) Amy


            • It’s no problem at all Amy, I’m always here to help! πŸ˜€
              I don’t have any filter from Canon, all my filters are from Hoya, I had to make a lot of research before i bought them. B+W is also a very good brand! There are dozens of brands out there but Hoya has never let me down πŸ™‚ If you ever need help or have any doubts about what to buy for your camera, i’m available to help! πŸ™‚

              Also, I forgot to mention that I’m leaning towards buying a flash ring because it can also be used as a flashlight, in case you’re exploring a dark cave and forgot one, you just turn your flash ring On and it will stay on continuously, which comes in handy if you’re into film making. πŸ˜€


            • Hoya ….. another thank you. Why? The NIGHTMARE happened the other day. I dropped my camera. I forgot to zip up my backpack with all my lenses and camera in it, picked the backpack up off the table and out flying goes my camera. I stood in horror. Glass shattered all over the floor. I couldn’t move. I froze. NOOOOOOO! I finally went over to my camera, picked it up, and saw my filter was completely shattered. Not my lens. And my camera is still working. OMGOSH! Relief? I was SO scared! So I am out a filter and now I know which one to buy at B&W. Hoya. Thank you so much! I have one filter for my 75-300mm lens, a Cokin, and I am not happy with that it at all. I would not recommend it to anyone. I have to unscrew it in order to get the lens cap on. And then rescrew the filter back on tight. I trust your judgement, and I also like you idea about the flash ring. I never know when I will go somewhere that I need a flashlight. The filter is a no brainer. The light I still have to really think about, read about, and make sure I choose the right one for me. These accessories can and do get expensive. Thank you again, so much, Diogo. You really saved me a lot of time. (((HUGS))) Amy


            • Oh my God I can’t even imagine that, I’d have a heart attack if it happened to me! :O I’m glad that it was only the filter, repairing a lens can be quite expensive! :s
              Hoya filters have excellent glass, they don’t desaturate the image or create soft spots or flares, at least mine don’t. The “Pro1” are their best filters in my opinion, but then again i’m no expert! πŸ˜€ If they don’t have Hoya, B+W is also a good brand but more expensive πŸ™‚

              Don’t forget to tell me if you do buy one, i’d like to know what you think of it and which one you bought! πŸ˜€


            • I already did buy 3 Hoya’s filters. One ND 0.9, one ND400 (up to 9 stops), and one Hoya polarized circular to replace the one that shattered. I did not buy the “Pro 1” because of price first of all, and I went by how many people recommended the filters I bought. I wanted to experiment between the 0.9 filter and the 400 to see what kind of results I would get. And about that heart attack. I had one. I was frozen to the spot, helpless to stop what I saw was happening, not even believing it happened. Since then, my hands actually shake with my confidence really shaken. I am SO careful with my camera! I couldn’t replace it even if I wanted to because the 50D is no longer sold. I am hanging on to mine for as long as I can. No it doesn’t have all the fancy gadgets and video, but for now, I don’t want all that. I am still learning what the 50D can do. OH, and after the fact when I found out that ONLY the filter shattered, I actually got down on my knees in utter gratitude.

              I will keep you informed of how I do with my new filters, Diogo. I am really excited about this. If I can shoot in the sun that all by itself gives me a lot more leeway then waiting for a cloudy and near windless day. I have to have almost NO winds due to the mist on the Canadian side. This is quite the undertaking but I am determined to do this!!!

              I really really thank you for your help. Someone else that I know bought the Hoya ND400 and she loves it. I saw the results she got with it and I was impressed. Canon filters are really good quality as well, BUT very expensive. Yep it was a Canon filter that smashed to the tune of $200. Gulp! The replacement was not that expensive, thank God! And while I was at B&W I looked at the 100mm macro lens, and GULP when I saw the price, I groaned. The one I want is almost $1000.00. I shall put that on my dream/wish list. Ya never know …. in the meantime I am having a blast with my 60mm macro!!

              OK!!!! I am SO glad you replied to this comment!!! I am in the middle of cleaning right now and for the first time since I opened Petals, I am taking some time off. I really have to focus on planning this Niagara Falls trip and also begin to close up my gardens for winter. But I will look out for you IF you have any more thoughts to pass my way. I wish I could honestly tell you in person how deeply thankful I am to you. (((HUGS))) Amy


            • Oh the ND400 is a great filter! πŸ˜€ I’m sure you’re gonna take great photos with it! πŸ™‚
              Everything made by Canon is expensive, sometimes it’s not really worth it! Are you thinking about buying the Canon 100mm Macro lens? I wanted to buy this lens until i found the Sigma 105mm Macro, it’s half the price ( I think ) and from the photos I’ve seen, it’s amazing!! here’s the link in case you want to take a look:
              And you’re welcome Amy, it’s my pleasure! πŸ˜€


            • Wow, Diogo!!!! You have no idea how excited I am that YOU are doing SO much for me!! My research time is so limited due to do LIFE and my blog that virtually I have to get my hubs involved. SIGMA!!! Yes!!! I’ve heard of these lenses and how fantastic they are! Again I put this link on my desktop to look further into! You are a complete life saver! I am totally indebted to you for all the help you have given to me. You have saved me tons of time and a lot of money as well. I would not use anything less then an f/2.8 on a macro, and to think I can get a 105mm (5 MORE then Canon!) at about 1/2 the price has me just about jumping up and down in my chair! I have been beginning to do something I am coining as geometric macro, wherein I am seeing designs MOSTLY in the background to accompany what I am photographing AND what I am photographing as well, falls into the category of geometry. And to THINK I can get a stronger macro for way less then what Canon is asking! OH BOY! I am so excited …. thank you THANK YOU thank YOU!!!! You are a storehouse of information! God bless you for sharing what you have with me! Time is SO essential in my life! Please know what a huge favor you have done for me, and a huge GIFT as well. Bless you, Diogo! Bless you! (((HUGS))) Amy


            • I have yet to use my filters, Diogo, on water. I hope to get to the Falls next week. I did experiment with wind and to see if I can actually get the camera to focus and all is in working order. I can’t wait to use them!!! Don’t worry about the delay. I’ve backed away from WP due to all the probs I am having. I am only posting Fall pictures with comments closed for now, and I am not going to anyone’s blogs. I really need some time off. (((HUGS))) Amy


            • Hey Amy I found something else you might find interesting πŸ™‚ So we all know that Macro lenses are expensive, but there’s something else we can use: Extension tubes! πŸ˜€ here’s a few of them:



              Canon has extension tubes as well but they are, of course, really expensive! 😦


    1. It’s nice to experiment new things with photography, I think you did a great job! I tried once to take a similar shot but with milk, however I couldn’t capture that moment of the little drops in the middle.
      Your PS messages are funny πŸ˜‰ and good luck on finding titles for your posts, it’s true that sometimes we just don’t know what to call them!


      • Thank you very much Ines! πŸ˜€ Oh I thought about trying it with milk but i’m allergic and couldn’t drink it afterwards! πŸ˜€ But milk is better to create softer drops, from what I’ve seen. it took me a few tries to capture the drop like this, it started being a bit frustrating because I always thought I had the reflexes of a ninja so this would be a piece of cake! You should give it another go, i’d love to see what you come up with! πŸ˜€

        Haha I’m glad you liked it! πŸ˜€ But honestly, I think coming up with the titles is the worse part of the post!! :O


      • but if you go outside the water would reflect the outside world, wouldn’t it? the clouds and sky and nearby trees, plus there’s the wind… But that’s a good idea, i didn’t think of trying it outside to be honest haha! πŸ˜€ Thanks for commenting, next time i’ll give it a try outside to see how it turns out!


        • The first time I did it, I used food coloring and milk. The background doesn’t matter when your liquid is opaque. I just set up a tripod in a wide open space when the sun was high and set the time for ten consecutive pics. A second before it goes off I start squeezing the eye dropper. I make a mental note of the in focus spot so I know where to aim. If I bothered to get clamp for the dropper, It could be more precise. I have done it with food coloring and water since. Yes it does get the background, but I think that’s often desirable. Depending where the sun is you can likely insert your own background.


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