Foggy Mountains (gallery)


  • More fog! In other news, I think there’s something wrong with my Sigma 70-300mm.

    Location: São Vicente – Madeira island -> Portugal
    Shutter speed: 1/200 – 1/500 seconds
    F: /4.5 – 6.3
    Focal Length: 100- 150mm
    ISO: 400 – 800
    Filters: none

  • 11 thoughts on “Foggy Mountains (gallery)

      • Thank you so much! 😀 These photos look good in BW but look really dull in color, they barely had any contrast. They’re also very noisy and i kept the ISO low. BW saves the day again lol 😀


    1. As black and white the photos look great…I wonder how the originals were. My sigma 17-70 was really problematic…had to change it 2 times until i got a good copy…and it’s still not as it should be but i got bored of waiting months for the service to send the new lens and having to use my 18-55 kit lens…I hope that’s not the case with your lens :/


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