Watch the Sky

  • What do you think of this sunset? 🙂 I wanted to find a better place to take photos but it didn’t last very long, 2 minutes later and most of the color was gone 😮

    Location: Funchal – Madeira island – Portugal
    Shutter speed: 1/10 to 1/50 seconds.
    F: /5.6
    Focal Length: 15-27mm
    ISO: 400
    filter: Hoya 72mm pro1 CP

  • 15 thoughts on “Watch the Sky

    1. What were you drinking matey? Hahaha…Ok okay, i believe you, it was really like that! Such sunsets are rare but really impressive! I feel you about wanting to be in a better location but still these photos are very nice 😀


      • I wasn’t drinking anything me ol’ matey… well, maybe coca-cola! 😀 Yes exactly, most of the times it happens without clouds so they don’t look as cool!

        How’s the snow over there?? 😀


        • Hehe 🙂 Weather is crazy here, next day after the snowstorm the temperature climbed, all the snow was gone…and since then we’ve been having sunny days, with no clouds at all, as you probably saw on my Instagram…not inspiring to shoot proper photos with my dslr 😦 I’m also bored to edit more snow photos…and still trying to look for a job…so can’t focus on anything else actually but i’m getting there!!!


          • At least you have snow!! xD The only way we get snow or ice here is by leaving the freezer door open all night hahahah 😀 I keep checking your instagram to see what you post, even your phone photos are beautiful! 😀 Don’t worry Alex, you WILL get there!! 😀


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