Dark Forest

  • Dark Forest
    I really like this photo, I like how soft it looks, the vignette and obviously the subject! 🙂
    It was taken with a pinhole lens called Holga that costs 10€ or so. It’s made entirely of plastic and unfortunately it’s a 60mm lens so i don’t use it much. If it was wide angled i’d use it a lot more! lol
    The photos look really bad (compared to Canon lenses!) when taken with this lens but they’re supposed to look like that! 😀 They have light leaks, soft focus, a lot of vignette and weird shadows created by the plastic “glass” of the lens. We need to use a tripod pretty much all the time with it unless you’re out in the open facing the sun. But with a bit of editing, it’s possible to turn these bad photos into something great and creative! 🙂 Or you can use the photos without editing at all, they’ll still look different than the ones taken with normal lenses lol

    Location: Curral dos Burros – Madeira island – Portugal
    Shutter speed: 4 seconds.
    Focal Length: 60mm
    ISO: 100
    filter: none

  • 4 thoughts on “Dark Forest

      • Thanks Sherry 😀 That’s an interesting metaphor, I’ve heard it before! It has a few interpretations! 🙂 But if we’re strictly talking about trees though, yes it does make a sound even if no one hears it! 😀 It would probably kill a few ants too 😮


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