Cold Forest

Misty Forest

Photo of a really cold forest. Oh, and I have a cold. Also, I’ve been trying to Log In here for hours because for some reason, i got logged out and just couldn’t Log In again, which really annoyed me and now I have a headache.
One more thing: the new way to create posts on WordPress is worse than the old one. beep beep boop.

I was going to call this post ” All aboard the Cold Train” but it wouldn’t make much sense with this picture lol

Anyway I hope you enjoy it, take care!

20 thoughts on “Cold Forest

    • I will stick with the old ways, even if i have to go into the Admins page and then create a post from there every time. It’s the only way I’ve found to dodge the beeps and the boops 😮


  1. beep beep boop… aaargh também não gosto nada! Mas podes escolher usar o método antigo 😉
    Gosto da foto assim tirada de cima para baixo, hoje aqui está um dia assim com nevoeiro. As melhoras!


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